"Gingie," as the company founder is known by many, was introduced to the travel industry while studying French at Paris University in the mid 60s. Being an accomplished linguist and licensed guide lecturer as well as an art historian in the British Isles and Europe, Ms. deGroot decided to start her own educational travel company in the mid eighties. Since then she has not looked back. Her company has grown through repeat clientele and recommendations.


Gingie felt that children needed to have the benefit of being able to see for themselves, what they were studying about in school. Travel, after all, is an education and an experience unlike any other.

Being a parent herself, Ms. deGroot decided that her educational travel program would be slightly different from the usual brochure tours offered to all. "It is true," she said in a recent interview, "teachers are busy people, and do not always have the time to look at individualized travel programs. It is easy to just pick a tour from a brochure even though the destination of the tour is not exactly what he or she is looking for." However, dealing with us is easy. We ask a few fundamental questions, and we act accordingly. As a result, the teacher gets a program designed as per their specifications, and what is more, there's no sharing of coach, guide, or tour manager.

With regard to meals, we provide either meal allowances or, if preferred, select certain menus with the approval of the teacher. We also select centrally located hotels which are situated in safe areas. Consequently, with the relaxed, and above all, personal way in which we work, many teachers have opted to Travel Gingie's Way.

Convincing teachers to travel with us may sometimes be a difficult task, but our satisfaction is there that once a group has experience "Gingie's Europe," there is no turning back, and the teachers often become faithful repeat clients and, in many cases, our friends.

Above all, our prices are realistic as we include all details. We DO NOT believe in hidden costs.


For the sophisticated adult traveler, what can be more exciting than to discuss a specific itinerary for your very own travel program a la carte.

Our tailor made programs are planned with the same care as a tailor would design a suit for a special occasion...It has to fit, it has to be as per the individual's requirements. In short: it has to be perfect.