Why should I use a travel agency when planning to travel?

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Why should I hire a professional travel agency

We know that you have several options when it comes to where you purchase your travel. We are also aware that travel planning has become easier for many people because of the internet. At Travel Gingie's Way we want to save you time, money, and headaches. We work with you to develop a personalized itinerary and in many cases have developed personal relationships with many return clients. Please keep the following five points in mind as you decide whether or not to hire a travel agent for your travel needs.

  1. Best Value. Travel agents work hard to get you the best value for your dollar. While we can't control prices, we can provide you with accurate information on the latest deals and special promotions. We can explore what options and quality products exist so you can make an informed decision.
  2. Convenient one-stop shopping. Save time and money by having your travel agent handle every aspect of your trip from lodging to activities.
  3. Consumer advocate. Travel agents don't stop working for you once you've booked your trip. In the event that you experience problems along the way, your agent can act on your behalf and see that restitution is made.
  4. Expert guidance. Experienced travel agents know the "ins" and "outs" of the system and can help you take full advantage of them. We have access to a variety of travel options and quotes from a host of suppliers and can help you find the product that's right for you.
  5. Personalized service. Agents are not some impersonal voice or lifeless web site. WE know you and your travel needs and offer unbiased information since we work for you, not the supplier. Agents strive for customer satisfaction since they want you to return the next time you're looking to plan a trip.

How do I know I am hiring a reputable travel agency?

With so many travel agencies out there after your money, here are a few tips on finding a reputable company:

  • Use a company that is associated with both ASTA and IATA. Such organizations have strict compliance rules that agencies must adhere to. They can act as a go between if you encounter an agency that has mistreated you.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints logged against the travel agency you are considering.
  • With an on-line agency always learn the company's' location and contact information.
  • Beware of Too-good-to-be-true deals, they often are. Many companies entice you with very low rates, but then require you to purchase inflated airfare or accommodation to go with the package.


Most countries now possess ATM machines. Occasionally high fees are charged for their services, in an emergency this will do, however it is preferable to bring travelers' checks that can be cashed at many locations for little or no charge.

Travelers' Checks
We suggest that you take American Express travelers' checks. Leave copies and a list of the check numbers with someone back home. Also, take a list of the numbers with you but keep them separate from your actual travelers' checks. This will make it easier to replace them if they are lost.

We suggest that you take a little bit of foreign currency with you. This is always handy when you arrive in a foreign country and need some money right away. Also, if you arrive on a weekend, the banks may not be open. Remember most hotels will exchange money for you, however their exchange rates are not favorable. (Only use you hotel to exchange currency if you are in an emergency with no other options.) Another good idea is to bring four (4) five-dollar bills. This is useful if you want to get yourself a little treat before you leave a country and you don't have any foreign currency left. Instead of cashing in another travelers' check (which would leave you with a lot of foreign currency) you can just exchange a five-dollar bill. Try to avoid exchanging any money besides your U.S. currency (spend all the foreign currency you have in its specific country) because you lose a little bit of it every time you exchange.

Pack light! Casual clothes-jeans, khaki's, sneakers or other good walking shoes, polo shirts, cotton turtleneck, and a wool sweater (clothes you can layer). One all-weather coat or jacket. For women, one versatile skirt or dress. Keep in mind the climate that you will be travelling to. If you are travelling to a desert region it can be very hot during the day and then quite chilly that same evening. If you are planning to visit some cathedrals, mosques, temples, or churches be sure to pack something that covers the shoulders.

Carry your medication on you when travelling, not in your luggage.

Carry washcloths, toothbrushes, shampoos, and conditioners in a plastic bag. Make certain that caps to all toiletries are unbreakable and securely fastened so that they do not break open and get onto your clothing and other items.

Most countries require a 220-volt adapter. Dual voltage appliances will need the appropriate plug adapters. Most luggage stores carry these adapters.

Carry this with you and NOT in your luggage. Take a photocopy of your passport (picture and number) and keep this with you as well, septette from the actual. You can also leave a copy with someone back home.

Please DO NOT bring valuable jewelry with you.

Use our luggage labels and also tape your name and address inside your suitcase.

Please let us know ASAP if you have a special diet or if you are allergic to certain foods.


  1. Start with a list. This forces you to select only the clothes appropriate to planned activities and anticipated climate. Having a list also becomes valuable if your luggage is lost or stolen.
  2. Plan your wardrobe around one or two basic colors. You will then be able to mix-and-match creating several looks from a few pieces.
  3. Leave the bulky clothes at home. Choose instead man-made fabrics that will fold or roll without wrinkling.
  4. Pack your suitcase tightly. Place dresses or suits in plastic dry clean bags. Both steps help to eliminate wrinkles.
  5. Put shoes in shoe bags or wrap them in a plastic bag. This keeps them from soiling your clothing.
  6. Pack pantyhose, socks, sleep ware, and underwear in your packed shoes or small spaces and corners. This helps save suitcase space and will help to keep your shoes from collapsing.
  7. Use travel size toiletries in plastic bottles. Since airplane cabin pressure often causes liquids to expand, make certain the bottles are not filled to the top. For added protection, place all toiletries in a plastic bag before packing.
  8. Label you luggage both inside and out. Put the travel agency address on the outside and your home address on the inside. Avoid packing "his" and "her" suitcases. Instead, make each bag a "half-and-half", if your luggage is lost or stolen you will hopefully still have some items which you can use.