A- Z Provence, a subsidiary of Travel Gingie’s Way, Inc. of Atlanta, is proud to introduce you to our specialty line of programs, Séjour en Provence. Our expertise in the riches of this magnificent region of France includes "Pottery & Painting in Provence", "In the Footsteps of the Romans to the Impressionists" as well as journeys into the rarely discovered corners of this blessed treasure of France.

Whether you want to embark on a biking trip through the serene countryside abundant with olive trees, vineyards, lavender and sunflowers or you aim to simply indulge your palate, we are proud to serve the best of Provence to you on a golden platter.

We invite you to join us to go truffle hunting, to participate in a wine production workshop and explore the wonders of the Mount Ventoux area during the four seasons with a local expert. Why not learn the art of Mosaic design or just sit at a wheel and learn how the local artisans produce their Provencal pottery including the celebrated Santons? Would you like to know more about Lavender and its holistic health benefits? Join us for these and other new adventures which debut in early Fall 2004.

This summer, the TGW team is here - right in the heart of Provence - preparing for you what will be a journey of the soul, an extension of your horizons and certainly a feast for the mind and palate alike.

Come and experience this "joie de vivre" with sole specialists in Provence. This region has captured our hearts and will capture yours as well as you abide in the land which has enchanted the Romans, the Impressionists and all who have traveled her terrain.

Please visit our website at for updates and the following new programs at the end of the Summer:

Discovery of the Arts
in Provence
From the Romans
to the Impressionists

In Search of Religious Artifacts

Trufflehunting, Cooking and Wine University
in Provence

Programs to be announced:

• Prehistoric Cave Hunting in Dordogne and Provence
• The Architectural Delights of Provence
• Quaint Villages and Great Writers in Provence
• Biking and Gourmet Dining in Provence